Live DVR on channels

Did you just missed the start of your preferred show? The Live DVR feature allows you to pause, rewind, and play from any point in the event. You can start watching the show from the beginning even if you missed the beginning of it.

Just access the channel and use the left arrow from the remote control to seek the stream back to the desired start time:


The timeline will be displayed and you can view the thumbs of the stream – this way you know when to hit Play or OK button in order to start watching the stream:


With this new amazing feature we allow our users to watch the show from begging without loosing any moment. Together with the DVR for future programs, this feature will make sure that anytime you access the SimeTV application you can watch the full show – by rewinding back to it’s beginning – or episode – by recording the future programs.

Once you resume playing, the stream will start playing from where you hit pause, so you won’t miss a thing.